Update to Links

I deleted my Academia.edu account and removed the link from my website. They recently moved to a paid model that charges a lot of money, offers no student discount, and removed access to some of the analytical information we previously could see. It really bothered me, but I decided having a platform to share my work made it ok. Well, after seeing some blog posts from other academics I decided to delete my account. Not only are people like me providing their content for free and driving visitors to their site, but now they want to charge us for the privilege? I understand that running the website takes money, but they could make the site free for (or even pay!) content providers and charge readers. Video games make billions of dollars from micro-charges, so there is already a model they could apply other than the old-fashioned subscription model. But for now, I don’t want to participate in a model that takes advantage of my work. I’ll think of another way to share with those who are interested.

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