Reproducing Museum Embroidery

As a wedding gift for a dear friend, I embroidered a pair of garters. I reproduced a pair in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, using a motto from another pair, and working with the best supplies I could find. It is my finest embroidery work to-date, as I was really striving to match the quality of workmanship of the originals. While I will be writing a longer blog post on LiveJournal about the process and materials, I wanted to make a short entry here now that I have delivered the gift. This process and my latest museum visits has me thinking that I may enjoy doing reproductions for museums. I know they use them, and I feel that it is the kind of work I would find very gratifying, especially in conjunction with my academic work in historical needlework. We’ll see what comes.


Sources: garter design, motto



Winterthur Textile Study Day

I wrote a short blog post about my trip to Winterthur in Wilmington, Delaware for a study day with fellow members of the Textile Society of America. You can read it here and see some of my photos from the day.