Fast into Fall

I don’t have formal classes for my master’s program this session, because I am starting to work full-time on my thesis. I also have one more talk to prep for the Textile Society of America’s conference. Life is feeling hectic and harried. Time to simplify and down-shift. My return to academia has taken on a life of its own, and if I want to continue to grow the momentum while living a life that feels spacious and abundant, something’s gotta give. I’m downsizing my stash of sewing supplies, my library of books, my costume wardrobe, and my bric-a-brac. My Etsy shop was started when I was living in France and frequenting the flea markets, and I don’t have the time I used to for product development, photography, and marketing. Knowing I should be doing those things is becoming a bummer. So I’m also thinking about having a sale and clearing out as much inventory as possible before putting it on hiatus. Like the autumn leaves that will soon fall from the trees, my life is starting to pare down to essentials to conserve energy for the winter and the mental challenges ahead.


New photo gallery

I’m learning how to add photos to my site and have managed to get a few into the Photo Gallery. I’d like to have some of my art as well as my finished costumes and embroidery work. Fortunately, the Etsy and Pinterest mini-galleries to the right update automatically when I add new items. I’ll keep working on the Photo Gallery, so check back later! 🙂

Learning from the best

More good news! I have the opportunity to attend a week-long course at The School of Historical Dress in London, England! I will be working with seventeen other students to reconstruct accessories for an 18th century lady. Yes, there will be embroidery involved, and I can’t wait. The School houses Janet Arnold’s collection and I am hopeful that it will come into play during the week. If you’d like to learn more about the school and their wonderful teaching staff (including one of my heros, Jenny Tiramani), here’s a link to their website. And to help me get to London this summer, please continue to check on my items for sale on Etsy!

Find my latest hand-work on Etsy!

My shop name is Fleurdelysa and I focus on needlecrafts – mine and antique items I find at flea markets in Paris! Come visit!