Conferences Upcoming and CFPs

I completely missed writing a post for July! Granted, I was away for half the month to visit family, but still.

I’ve collected several conference notices of Calls For Papers (CFP). I’m wary of adding voluntary homework on top of starting my master’s program next month, but I guess that would be a good problem to have, right? As I evaluate each, I’m considering how my topic of Early Modern needlework and needlework pattern books could be interpreted through the lens of the conference theme. The exercise helps me expand my research scope by turning it upside down and looking at it from new angles.

So I guess August will be all about writing abstracts to submit to 2016 conferences, and also writing my short talk for the 2015 Babel Meeting! I’ll be presenting October 11th, Session 26 – Books in and of the World: Objects and Interfaces, at Toronto University. I’ll share images and research about how Early Modern needlework pattern books were created for destruction. In case you are interested in learning more, here is a link to the full program. Maybe I’ll see you there! Babel 2015 program

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