Changes, improvements, upgrades

My paper at the Medieval and Renaissance Forum was very well received! What a relief! I got great feedback and lots of encouragement to keep going with my research as well as pursuing higher academic degrees. Grad school here I come! I was also invited to share my paper at another conference in October! What a great start to my career as a scholar. In future updates to my website I plan to include a link to some of my written work.

In preparation for my big trip to London, I’ve had a couple of things on my mind. One is that I want to start preparing to raise my skill level as an embroiderer. I signed up for an online embroidery course with Mastered which looks like it will help me with breaking through some of my creative inhibitions. I also want to have a smashing good website before I go. Last week I participated in a webinar on website development with Mastered and Mr. X and was selected for one of the three case-studies. I got great feedback there too and you can see I took action on some of the suggestions by the changes I’ve made since the last time you were here. I have more in-store!


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